​​1236 S. Dixie Highway,

Coral Gables, Florida



In 2000, Damian changed career paths and moved to Florida to be one of the principal founders of the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF). Intent on raising the standards of knowledge and practice within the personal training industry, today the NCSF is a globally recognized education and certification body for personal trainers. While working with the NCSF, Damian launched his own private training company specializing in athletic development for high school athletes. The company quickly grew to include other training populations, and Damian’s client list includes hundreds of area Miamians of all ages and abilities.

With time being his only limitation, in 2006 Damian made the tough decision to separate from the NCSF and place his primary focus on his personal training business and growing client list. This quickly led to the opening of his first workout facility in Coconut Grove followed a few years later by a training facility all his own called The Sweatshop. Heralded as a unique training facility, The Sweatshop was located at 4200 Laguna Street in Coral and had a 5-year run before area redevelopment shut The Shop's doors.   

The Sweatshop, down but not out, joined forces with ClubX (a gym just a short distance away) in December 2015. Bringing with it all the energy, passion, and creativity that made The Sweatshop such an amazing place to train, today the Sweatshop, its members, trainers and unique style of training is alive and well inside ClubX.

Damian began his career at the United States Naval Academy under then Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Phil Emery. Under Coach Emery, Damian helped varsity midshipman football players to put on much needed size and to increase their speed.

Damian's next career step was to the University of Tennessee where he was offered a coveted graduate assistant strength coach position. It was here that Damian had the opportunity to work with some of the top athletes in sports, from Olympic athletes and gold medal winners to first round NFL draft picks— including quarterback Peyton Manning. After finishing his tenure at UT, Damian was immediately hired as the Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning at the University of Maryland, a position he held for 5 football seasons with the Terrapins.

Damian Stephens, MS